The most ancient of things is the thing that is there first before all else, i.e God.  God is self-created and therefore does not have a cause.

The Light and Sound energies are the first manifestation of form and experience from God.

God being absolute has no edges and not being differentiated into parts cannot be experienced, we can only BE God, we can never know God and cannot ever talk to God. God cannot want or need anything.

Creation is an effect of God and so cannot give God anything. This means that God cannot talk to any religious person and any action of man supposedly acting under the direction of God is false.

krishna divine form

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna has a divine form which is Light, whereas Krishnas absolute nature is formless which overwhelms Arjuna (the spiritual seeker in us all). When Arjuna sees the true formless nature of Krishna he is shocked and overwhelmed as his predictable way of knowing and dealing with creation has changed forever.

Arjuna sees the universe as a gigantic mouth, where everything is being consumed, a day is consumed by a week, a week by a month, a month by a year, a year by a century and so all manifestation is INSIDE something and is essentially being consumed by it.

So we must bet beyond all manifestation (the creation, form, limits, ignorance) and attain Enlightenment (what Krishna wants for Arjuna)


Krishnas Divine Form to Arjuna The Spiritual Seeker

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