How do Intellect and Intuition differ in their mode of perception ?

Consciousness = all the limits which play a part in the intelligent understanding of creation and this includes intelligence itself, which does not know how itself came into existence. Any limit is ultimately a prison as is any experience and so we must transcend these through spiritual grace in our meditation.

The human body uses the nervous system to interpret the physical universe and centres with the etheric and astral energy system to feel finer awareness to a limited degree.

Buddhi (means ‘knower’ in  Sanskrit) = is not under the  control of any person, quite the contrary, the individual is visited by Buddhi not the other way round. Zen Koans are  statements designed to develop Buddhi awareness and these allow the individual to discover the space in which the object is sitting, not the  object itself.

This can take may years to realise and is seen as a worthy goal called SATORI as it how limited the intellect is which only works through comparison and can never find the space only the object.

This is not Enlightenment nor is it the spiritual Light and Sound so Buddhi is not something to be encouraged to spend a lot of time developing as an end goal as there is much more space to be discovered through the Light and Sound than there ever is through Buddhic Awareness.




How do Intellect and Intuition differ in their mode of perception ?

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