Guided Breath Meditation Audios Introduction 

Guided Breath Meditation Audios : Breath meditation or pranayama is an excellent starting point for those who are just beginning to meditate & also for those that are more advanced in meditation as the breath is the fundamental source of life.

Guided Breath Meditation Audios

The breath meditation exercises below form an introductory meditation for you to try but for those who wish to progress on to more advanced meditation there is a great opportunity to do so by going by viewing the material on light and sound meditation on this website. 


(ii) Breath Meditation : General Guidance

Taking things easy and paying attention to the basics is always very important. Sitting straight, spine erect and making sure the knees are lower than  the buttock area, otherwise people, if they are not young can strain their knee caps if sitting for long periods.A cushion is good for this.

Breathing in and making sure the stomach comes out and when breathing out making sure the stomach comes in, is important to check on, as it can often be done the other way around out of habit. Keep the breathing simple, in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, This is simply to allow relaxation, as the nervous system can be in a more neutral phase if enough breath is taken in, in good amounts regularly.

Guided Breath Meditation Audios

In terms of time, breath meditation can be done for 10 to 15 minutes for the beginner or up to 6 hours for the  more advanced meditator.

The following a selection of audio meditations each of which offers a different type of breathing exercise, so feel free to work your way through them any please leave any comments or suggestions below.


(iii) Guided Breath Meditation Audios 

There is a short delay before the breath meditation narration starts.

1. Ocean Sounding Breath Meditation

2. Long Inhalation Breath Meditation

3. Alternate Nostril Breath

4. Cleansing Breath

5. Compassion Meditation

Other Guided Breath Meditation Audios

Guided Breath Meditation Audios

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