(i) Four of Wands YouTube Video

Four of Wands : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Four of Wands of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below.

four of wands



Four wands can be seen in a circle rather like a mandala. The wands form an 8 spoked red wheel on a green background and 8 flames can be seen issuing between the spokes although they are not as strong as in the three of the suit.

(iii) Rider Waite Four of Wands

four of wands


(iv) Four of Wands & the Tree of Life

four of wands


Chesed (ruled by Jupiter) in Atziluth


(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Four of Wands

Nanael: Facilitates communication with the divine. Inspires meditation and divine communication. Mysticism.

Nithael: Hospitality, eternal youth, celebrity and prestige. Stability, legitimate successor. Artistic and aesthetic talents.


(vi) Astrology of the Four of Wands

Decan : 3rd decan of Aries ruled by Venus (20 – 30°)

Venus in Aries

Venus travels 180° from its natural rulership in Libra to get to Aries so it should be in DETRIMENT here however it is not. It gives some harmony and peace to the aggressiveness of Mars so there are some ‘harmony in opposites’ here in the 4.

Put together we have the emotional desire (Venus) to move in new directions (Aries) but the card reminds us we have work to complete first.


(vii) Symbology of the Four of Wands

Circle with 8 spokes = completion/harmony similar to a mandala:

four of wands




8 spokes = the number 8 has Hebrew letters which mean ‘to will’ , ‘to love, ‘to bind’

Wands with Rams Heads = ‘will’ of Aries

Wands with Doves = harmony and peace of Venus

Circle = work has been completed

Green Background = Venus

Yellow Circle = creative sun energy or our energy used up in this task


(viii) Thoth Quotes for the Four of Wands

1. “It is within the circle that the flames of the energy are seen to play, and there is no intention to increase the scope of the original will (in the ace). But this limitation in itself bears the seeds of disorder” (p191)

2.  ” One cannot establish ones work without tact and gentleness” (p190)


(ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Four of Wands


four of wands

  1. Can represent something needs to be completed despite a desire to move on to new things. These may relate to work projects or new relationships or new dynamics within a relationship even.
  2. It can also relate purely to the self when one aspect of us desires to be whole (the circle) whilst the other wants to move us on in new directions (Venus in Aries).
  3. In relation to the Rider Waite card If you have been working on a project, you will reach an important point and will have cause to celebrate. You have completed a significant phase of the project and can feel very pleased of what you have accomplished so far. This card suggests a time of joy and satisfaction in life and represents the personal gratification of a job well done, a goal attained, and a vision beginning to be realised. We must then be eager to move forward onto something new.




four of wands

  1. The expansiveness of Jupiter in Chesed takes over and perhaps we have taken on more than we can handle in a project and we are beginning to feel stressed about it.
  2. A tendency to start new things without completing others.
  3. Not feeling whole and balanced within ourselves.







(x) Useful Crystals Associated with the Four of Wands

1. Tigers Eye

four of wands



Tigers Eye Stone is a crystal with lovely bands of yellow-golden colour through it. This is a powerful stone that aids harmony and balance, and helps you to release fear and anxiety.

It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions.

This is a stone that helps us to be more active, mentally as well as physically… and its major work is within the lower chakras and so has a grounding effect.



2. Haematite


Hematite Crystals have an excellent grounding and balancing energy… as well as being a powerful aid to stimulate the mind. They enhance memory and evoke deep thought. They can be made into jewelry as seen in the picture above.

They will assist the development of logical thought processes, and help you to reach the highest capacity possible. They will heighten self-confidence, will power and self-esteem. The energy of these stones have a strong physical grounding energy, that vibrates strongly at the base or root chakra.




(xi) Affirmations and the Four of Wands

  1. Completing the old releases me for the new


(xii) Recommended Video Links

Polyphonic Tarot

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Four of Wands Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial

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