(i) Eight of Wands YouTube Video

 Eight of Wands : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Eight of Wands of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed by clicking on the image  below:

eight of wands

(ii) Thoth Eight of Wands

In the Eight of Wands,two overlapping pyramids form a shape of 8 points. There are no wands in this card they have all turned into electrical rays. The rays emanate from the centre of the figure and pass through the corners of the pyramid terminating in arrowheads.  This is the only card in the suit in which flames are not present.

eight of wands



(iii) Rider Waite Eight of Wands

eight of wands



(iv) Eight of Wands & The Tree of Life

  The Eight of Wands is associated with Hod in Atziluth.

eight of wands




(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels & The Eight of Wands

Nith-Haiah: Mastery of spiritual forces, white magic for well-being of others. Facilitates visions.

Haaiah: Adaptability. Scientific and political attitudes in regards to divine science. Seeks truth through reason. When negative, desire for earthly power, poor consequences.


(vi) Astrology of the Eight of Wands

1. Decan: 1st decan of Sagittarius (0 – 10 °) ruled by Mercury.

2. Mercury In Sagittarius

Mercury is the planet of communication and Sagittarius is associated with the swiftness of the arrow:


This produces a restless intellect. Learning is  best when you are given the freedom to think for yourself  when you are truly interested in the topic at hand.


(vii) Symbology of the Eight of Wands

Geometrical Figure =  2 overlapping pyramids forming an 8 pointed shape symbolic of the sephiroth HOD. Hod is also ruled by mercury so this planets energy is very strong in this card = communication and swift action is important to the cards meaning.

Rays = these are a more subtle form of the element of fire in the form of electricity hence the lack of flames. With electricity we have the idea of swift impulses which ties in with the characteristics of Sagittarius. They are also associated with rays of light.

Rainbow =  the division of pure light into the 7 colours

So from the above we have the concepts of electrical energy (forming the geometrical shape)  and pure light (invisible spirit) forming the rainbow (visible matter).


(viii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

  1. ” On the other hand the electrical energy has created intelligible geometrical form” (p.193).
  2. “represents energy (of fire) in its most exalted sense” (p.184)
  3. “speech, light , electricity” (p.184)


(ix) Divinatory Meaning of the Eight of Wands


eight of wands

  1. We can transform any situation, problem or obstacle by taking swift action with direct communication to resolve it.
  2. Highlights the need for clear communication at this time to create the things that we want in our lives (manifested rainbow/geometrical shape).
  3. The card talks about refinement of the energy, or “subtilizing” (elevating) of the fiery energy so drawing this card implies that we need to make sure we are communicating with others in the clearest way possible and are manifesting things in our world for the highest good.
  4. The Eight of Wands contains a high level of energy and movement that propels you forward to reach your goals at a much faster pace than ever before. You can expect to be very busy but this is one of those ‘good busy’ periods where you are enthusiastic and energetic about the progress you are making.
  5. With the Eight of Wands, you can look forward to the rapid completion of a project that is currently underway.
  6. There really is no stopping you right now as you are just bursting with energy and ideas, and cannot wait to achieve one task in order to start another. To maximise this energy, it is important to ensure that your activities are focused on your broader goals and that you are investing in the right things at the right time. Also, make sure that before you move to the next task, your previous task is complete.
  7. This card is a sign to ‘strike while the iron is hot’. It is most definitely an action-oriented card that encourages you to move quickly to pursue the best opportunities available right now. There is no waiting around while the Eight of Wands is present so determine where your energy will be directed and get on with it !



eight of wands

  1. A flash in the pan idea not thought through.
  2. Impulsive idea or actions
  3. Opposite of this is procrastination and not taking action when it is needed.







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