(i) Eight of Disks YouTube Video

Eight of Disks : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Eight of Disks of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

eight of disks


(ii) Thoth Eight of Disks

The Eight of Disks shows a tree in the centre of a garden against a yellow background and anchored in fertile land. The leaves are wrapped around the flowers which are the disks, in a very protective way.

eight of disks


(iii) Rider Waite Eight of Pentacles

eight of disks



(iv)  Eight of Disks & The Tree of Life

The Eight of Disks is associated with Hod in Assiah.

eight of disks


(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Eight of Disks

Achaiah: Patience, exploration to discover truth. Good use of time, waiting periods. Finds solutions. Ability to discern truth, reveal previously hidden knowledge.

Cahetel: Conception, giving birth. Materialization of God’s Will. Great capacity for work. Progress, easy material success. Fertility, abundant harvests. Change in one’s lifestyle.

(vi) Astrology of the Eight of Disks

1. Decan : 1st decan (0 – 10°) of Virgo ruled by THE SUN

2. Sun in Virgo

Hod is ruled by Mercury and is its highest aspect. It both rules and is exhaled in Virgo so this is a very productive partnership.

It signifies intelligence lovingly applied to material matters e.g. agriculture, engineering (Crowley’s examples).

The sun enhances everything it touches & here it energizes Virgos hard work ethic and attention to detail. So in this card we see an opportunity for growth into something worthwhile.

(vii) Geomancy & The Eight of Disks

Associated with the geomantic figure POPULUS = for the common people (agriculture).

eight of disks


(viii) Symbology of the Eight of Disks

Fruit = 5 segments

Flowers = 5 petals

 5 + 5 = 10 the number of Malkuth and EARTH and therefore this card represents tangible things manifested in our life.

5 = associated with Hē = mother of the tetragrammaton associated with nature and fertility.

Protected flowers = be protective of your dreams and plans and nurture them until the universe manifests them.  Don’t over extend yourself and be discriminating in what you give out.

(ix) Quotes from The Book of Thoth

” there is a strength in doing nothing at all” (p.184)

” sow the seed, sit back and wait for the harvest” (p.185)

these implies having the patience just to preside over the growth of something without interfering too much and let time make your investment grow.

“Virgo is Yod, the sacred seed of life, and also the virgin earth”

I have an article on my website detailing Virgo as the first sign of the biblical zodiac (as compared to Aries in the astrological zodiac). Being the first sign it ties in with Crowley’s quote as it being the Yod or seed

(x) Divinatory Meanings of the Eight of Disks


Eight of Disks Upright

eight of disks

You need time and patience to develop something. Don’t rush it as it’s a long-term thing and be prepared to bide your time and let it come to fruition.

The Eight of Disks is encouragement to keep doing what you are doing as it will eventually lead to success. Yes, it requires a lot of dedication, focus and patience but as time passes and as you stay true to your values and beliefs, you get a little closer to your goal. It may not be readily  apparent to you but events are unfolding that will lead you to your destination. Continue working on yourself, too, and making ongoing improvements and adjustments to ensure that you are the best person you can be.

Additional training may be needed to advance where you want to go with projects /work and time is needed for this.

A need to properly manage your energies between the different aspects of your life.


Eight of Disks Reversed

eight of disks

Undue haste in what you are trying to achieve. You have lost site of the fact that this is something that takes time and patience.

Too much emphasis on the small details and losing the bigger picture.

Too much energy applied to one area of your life so the rest are suffering due to lack of attention/lack of energy to put into them.





(xi) Affirmation for the Eight of Disks

I trust that everything unfolds at the proper time.


(xii) Recommended Video Links

Paul Hughes Barlow

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Eight of Disks Thoth Tarot Tutorial

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