(i) Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation Introduction

Mandala = The word Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means “circle”.  Mandalas are used for meditation purposes allowing the individual meditating to become one with the mandala or benefit from the energy that is contained within it. They can be religious or have a specific purpose or meaning to the individual. This article will concentrate on designing A spleen mandala for meditation from first principles, illustrating each stage and the reasons behind the specific shape and colours.


(ii) The Spleen Chakra

The idea of the spleen chakra was taken up by Alice Bailey (or her source, “the Tibetan”), and through both her and Mahatma C.W. Leadbeater became established  within the general theosophical occult-esoteric world-view. The location of the spleen chakra(number 2) in relation to man can be seen in the diagram below :

spleen_chakra_man_Mahatma C.W. Leadbeater

The second centre, the splenic (Plate II), at the spleen, is devoted to the distribution of the vitality which comes to us from the sun. That vitality is poured out again from it in six horizontal streams, the seventh variety being drawn into the hub of the wheel. This centre therefore has six petals or undulations, all of different colours, and is specially radiant, glowing and sunlike. Each of the six divisions of the wheel shows predominantly the colour of one of the forms of the vital force and so the dominant colours of the spleen chakra petals are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. These colours will be used in the construction of the spleen mandala below. Further information on this chakra is given in the following tables.

Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation

Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation


(iii) Meditating with the Spleen Mandala

 The design of the mandala is supposed to be visually appealing and technically correct so as to absorb the mind in such a way that which  allows the individual a higher consciousness or awareness or the required effect of the geometrical pattern can be felt. Using the final image below (which can be saved to your desktop) spend 10 to 15 minutes focussing your awareness on the mandala. When your mind wanders just bring it gently back to the mandala, trying to absorb its energy radiating from the colours and pattern.


(iv) Possible Benefits Using the Spleen Mandala

Given the properties of the spleen chakra expected benefits of meditatiing on this spleen mandala may include:



(v) Four Levels of  Constructing A Spleen Mandala

Level 1

This is a representation of the spleen chakra and the 6 petals have been represented by triangles rather than ‘segments’. Each triangle is one of the 6 colours of the petals. A triangle is used rather than a segment because it is the basic shape of movement.

Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation




Level 2

Since the function of the spleen is to distribute energy out into the etheric body, the horizontal axis are continued by alternating between a triangle of the colour of the segment and its complimentary colouri.e the purple triangle and the red triangle.

Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation



Level 3

Part 1

Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation



Part 2

Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation

Part 3

Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation

Part 4

Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation



Level 4 :  Mandala




Level 5 : The Completed Mandala

This is the final mandala which is used for meditation. It is not a circle but is still a coloured geometrical pattern which is used to concentrate on. This image can be saved to your desktop.




When visualising this one can look at it in 3D from above as cubes stacked together. Can you see any other views ?



Designing A Spleen Mandala for Meditation

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