(i) Channelled Teachings from Spiritual Dimensions

Channelled Teachings from Spiritual Dimensions is a  FREE meditation eBook  written by meditation teacher Mark Zaretti in 2016 and summarises over 30 years of meditation experience and spiritual information. The book is about spirituality and meditation and was created by channelling information and teachings from Spiritual Guides and is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about advanced meditation techniques beyond the mind and body. Clicking on the image below will take you to the relevant download page.

Channelled Teachings

Whether you are just learning to meditate or have been meditating for years, this book acts like a map, helping you to understand where you are in your spiritual journey and where you can go next. The role of the Spiritual Hierarchy is central to our role in spiritually elevating this planet and so we offer a concise description of their purpose both past and present below in order to provide context for the book.


(ii) The Spiritual Hierarchy

The Past

For us to understand who or what the Spiritual Hierarchy are, we need to first look into the past. History shows us that Spirituality came to this planet through great teachers, mystics, gurus and often ended up as religions.

They are a vast number of Intelligent Beings that populate the Higher Dimensions.

These dimensions exist beyond the 3 that we, as Humans, are normally aware of with our limited senses. They contain the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Angels and Spiritual Guides. They are always in contact with us; much evidence has been recorded in our literature, since the dawn of mankind. The Channelled Teachings from Spiritual Dimensions FREE eBook describes these dimensions in detail as well as covering other topics:

  • Can you really get Enlightened and if so how?
  • What are the spiritual dimensions?
  • What is a spiritual journey?
  • What are Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides?
  • How can I learn to Channel healing, Love or light?
  • How do I communicate with my Spirit Guide?
  • What is reincarnation?
  • What happens after I die?
  • What is a soul family?
  • What is Karma and how do I avoid it?
  • What can you do to help heal the planet and raise the vibration of humanity
  • Much much more…

Channelled Teachings

The Present

The Spiritual Hierarchy sit behind all Masters and Religions that the world has ever known.



In the last few decades the Spiritual Hierarchy have contacted many Meditation teachers around the World and delivered the same message; we need you to reveal the Truth to large numbers of people. If you are successful then we can elevate the Consciousness of the Human race. We can give you advanced technologies to improve the quality of your physical existence. Additionally we can reveal great Knowledge to stimulate your minds and help you to understand your place in the Universe.

On this occasion we are told that it is imperative that TRUE SPIRITUALITY reaches the masses. So we must learn from the past and make sure that it is as accessible as possible and the teachings completely transparent.

This will not be a Journey for the chosen few but an “Enlightenment” for the masses. Many of you will not consider yourselves spiritual but if you have ever questioned your existence or feel within your heart a part of you is missing then this Path is for you. What is asked of you is simply that you learn the practice of meditation, adopt a healthy lifestyle and most importantly learn how to truly give.

Clicking on the image below will take you to the relevant download page to get your free eBook which discusses many relevant topics relating to your Spiritual Path and the role of the Spiritual Hierarchy in this process., and at the bottom of the article there are links to our Meditation and Spiritual Hierarchy Websites where you can access additional information and contact forms.

Channelled Teachings


(iii) Links

The Spiritual Hierarchy

Make Enlightenment your Goal: It’s the Reason for your Existence



Channelled Teachings from Spiritual Dimensions FREE eBook

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