Krishnas Divine Form to Arjuna The Spiritual Seeker

The most ancient of things is the thing that is there first before all else, i.e God.  God is self-created and therefore does not have a cause. The Light and Sound energies are the first manifestation of form and experience

Krishnas Infinite Wisdom

Krishnas Infinite Wisdom Introduction In this article entitled Krishnas Infinite Wisdom we will discuss the relationship of Krishna with the Christ Consciousness in the Bible and see that both are talking about the infinite nature of spirit that resides in each

Two Bhagavad Gita Armies

Two Bhagavad Gita Armies Introduction Two Bhagavad Gita Armies represent the lower (Sons of the Blind King) and higher (Sons of Pandavas)  part of our consciousness. It discusses the relation of the two and the struggle that exists within each person

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