Can we think of the “Light of God” or only the colour white?

As is often the case, the clue is in the question. The Light of God is obviously referring to the Inner Light and Sound, traditionally known as the Divine Light of God. Sometimes we see it referred to as the Face of God, with the sound principle, or current, referred as the Voice of God. For some reason in the West we tend to home in on the concept of the Light of God, whereas ‘m the East there seems to be a greater affinity with the Word of God, Naam. Maybe this is due to our eagerness for phenomenon and the sense of power this brings. (You may have heard John refer to Light as representing power, and Sound as consciousness. They need to be balanced within us, although most people prefer one or the other. Which type are you?)


spiritual philosophyUltimately the Light and Sound are fundamentally the same phenomenon, the first duality; the true keys to understanding creation, of which they are the source. As initiates we have access to these keys, that’s why we gradually become the levels of consciousness in which we have our being. For people who are not enlightened, their ability to “be” is restricted to the Light and Sound, even when they know, as second initiates, that they ARE these keys. Interestingly, people often say “I know I am the Light ‑ few say “I know I am the Sound”

The poor old personal mind is of course a product of the Light and Sound. Any thoughts it has cannot possibly encapsulate the Light of God. Thought is fundamental to human communication ‑ and yet people struggle to have any understanding of the concept of thoughts. Bit of a conundrum really ‑ using thoughts to understand thoughts!

When we have thoughts, we aren’t aware of them creeping up on us ‑ they just happen, and then we become aware of them. They are past tense in the process of awareness, and are materialistic in their nature. Both these aspects of the nature of thoughts mean that in using thoughts we can only discover limits. Limits equal comparison and separation ‑ both ineffective tools for being aware of the Light of God.

So, no we can’t think of the Light of God. Instead we do the best we can, drawing on information gleaned over the years, the shadows of experience and borrowed ideas ‑probably many of them religious or spiritual in nature. For some this will be white, as this is a non‑colour that we might associate with light. Close your eyes and “think” about the Light of God now. What image do YOU have? Is it white? And do you have any feelings or thoughts that you associate with the “Light of God”?

Can we Think of the Light of God or only the colour white?

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