(i) Ace of Wands YouTube Video

My in-depth YouTube Video on the Ace of Wands of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below.

ace of wands

(ii) Thoth Ace of Wands

In the Ace of Wands, a  large central wand has 10 flames (Yods) issuing from it which represent the 10 sephira of the Tree of Life. The paths between the sephira are also seen in the card. There are 18 lightning bolts in the background of the card.

ace of wands


(iii) Rider Waite Ace of Wands

ace of wands


(iv) Philosophy of the Ace of Wands

The card represents the Yod of the Tetragrammaton, the masculine principle of God.
It represents the raw energy and power of creation and is the source of ALL the other minor arcana cards.

(v) Ace of Wands & the Tree of Life

The Ace represents Kether on the Tree of Life and it is the Sephiroth of potential much like the Ace itself. From Kether, the tree comes into existence.

Three of Wands


(vi) Symbology of the Ace of Wands

Lightning Bolts = 18 in number the Hebrew for CHAI or ‘living’ (life) = all life springs from the force in this card. They are green representing CREATIVITY.
The word is made up of two letters of the Hebrew alphabet – Chet (ח) and Yod (י), forming the word “chai,” meaning “alive,” or “living.”



This has found its way onto things like jewelry:

ace of wands


Wand = erect phallus
Yods = ejaculated sperm
So the symbology can be read from the viewpoint of the macrocosm (universe) & the microcosm (man).

(vii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

“It is a solar-phallic outburst of flame which spring lightnings in every direction” (p.188)
“The great point is that all the elemental forces.. are Blind Forces and no more” (p.189)

(viii) Divinatory meanings of the Ace of Wands


ace of wands
1. Trying to be more inspired and come up with something new.

2. Being an Ace it can relate to anything as long as there is some active creation in the process.
3. Putting a lot of new energy into something already established.

4. The aces are not to be pinned down and they are unspecific which reflects their quality of ‘the potential’ in things.




ace of wands
1. A lack of inspiration on energy to start or finish things
2. Creativity is missing at the moment even though we are searching for it.
3. We have been trying to find inspiration at the moment but not tapping into it.






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Ace of Wands Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial

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