(i) Rider Waite Ace of Wands Tarot Tutorial

My in-depth YouTube Video on the Ace of Wands Rider Waite Deck may be viewed by clicking on the image below:

ace of wands rider waite


(ii) Ace of Wands Rider Waite Card

Ace of Wands Rider Waite

(iii) Introduction to the Wands

The Wands characterise the element of Fire and are associated with the following: passion, inspiration,spirit, will, energy, desire, primal desires, energy. This energy can manifest constructively when the cards are upright, or more challenging/destructive when they appear reversed in a reading.

The wands themselves, made of wood, are ignited by fire and hence they are a channel for this element in the same way the Magician channels spirit through his wand:

Ace of Wands Rider Waite


(iv) Ace of Wands & The Tree of Life

The Ace of Wands, like all the Aces is associated with the first sephiroth KETHER.

Kether = unity, spirit, potential, seed, source of creation. So the Ace of Wands represents the potential of the rest of the suit of Wands which has yet to come into existence. The Aces therefore contain the promise and possibility of the remaining wands.

Ace of Wands Rider Waite

(v) Astrological Association of the Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands symbolizes the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius coloured in red on the chart wheel below. The glyph for the element of fire is an upward pointing triangle.

The astrological fire signs are associated with the qualities of depth of insight/philosophy (Sagittarius), strength of character/ energy (Leo), leadership/desire (Aries)

Ace of Wands Rider Waite


(vi) Symbolism of the Ace of Wands 

Hand reaching out from a cloud = grasping an opportunity that has come or will come your way.

Grey skies = neutrality. Will we use our opportunity and let the sun shine in our lives or will dark clouds descend if we choose to apply ourselves unwisely.

Wooden Wand = it is wood that feeds the fire of the suit of Wands. The Wand is also a phallic symbol of our creative impulse.

Leaves/buds = this indicates that the Wand has not matured but has lots of growth and potential. Green is the colour of nature, growth

3 Trees = completeness of purpose is the potential of the Ace. Represented spiritually as Father, Son Holy Ghost (completeness of our spiritual path through application of will), 3 stages of life; child, adult, old age (maturity and wisdom of old age).

8 leaves falling/flying = related to the 8 of Wands:

Ace of Wands Rider Waite


The 8 of Wands is the only minor arcana card in the Waite Deck that does not have people in it and represents that transition between spirit and earth. In the same way, the Ace in Kether represents the potential, an opportunity, which must be acted upon for it to realise its potential.

Remaining 10 leaves on the Ace of Wands= represent the completeness of the Tree of Life and the 10 sephira.

Thus the numbers of the leaves are very important in symbolizing The Ace and its potential to manifest something useful in our lives so we may grow like the bud.



River = continuous change. The flow of energy out of the ace allows us to move in accordance to the flow of life and expand our potential.

Castle = Can represent both the lofty heights, strength and stability as a result of the constructive application of the will, or can represent the insular and static nature of the individual who is inflexible and resistant to change. This depends on the dignity of the card.


(vii) Divinatory Meanings of the Ace of Wands


Ace of Wands Rider Waite


An opportunity is being offered to us to grasp. Will we take the Wand with its leaves of growth? This is an opportunity with much potential which will move our life forward.

An opportunity to use of creativity, drive, passion to plough our energy into and build something new.

Like the 3 trees in the background it can represent a whole new phase of our life if we have the desire to explore it.

This is a good time to put your energies into a new project. You will have the energy to see it through.

It can also indicate a period of increased health and vitality.  




Ace of Wands Rider Waite

Rushing headlong into a project without thinking it through properly.

A period of low energy and vitality. You feel you haven’t the stamina to start things that need doing.

Being restless to begin something new but unable to find a direction to put your energies into.

This is time to look at what it is you really want to do. Opportunities may have arisen but they do not give you that creative spark.

Difficulty in getting your projects off the ground.


(viii) Ace of Wands and the Celtic Cross Spread



Ace of Wands Rider Waite

1. Heart of Your Situation = A new opportunity is being presented to us to express our creativity and drive. 


2. Possible obstacle/challenges = we have creativity and energy but we lack direction/ideas/knowhow.


3. Your Subconscious influence = have had ideas about your life direction but not acted upon them, the feeling that you have not reached your potential.


4. Your Recent Past= perhaps one where we have failed to grasp great opportunities that have presented themselves to us and now we are reminded that we must make the most of them.


5. Your Hopes and Goals = to have a time in your life when you are doing what inspires you the most.


6. Your Immediate Future= a period of creativity, health and inspiration.


7. Your Internal Self at this time= looking for direction/life purpose/ that spark to enter your life.


8. External Influences = people draining you of your energy and creativity and keeping you locked into the mundane.


9. Guidance & Warning = time will continue to pass you buy if you dont follow what most important for you, connect with your innermost desires and follow what is in your heart to do.


10. Overall Outcome based on the Present Moment = the opportunity to start a new phase in your life which will be aligned to your souls purpose.










Ace of Wands Rider Waite Tarot Tutorial

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