(i) Ace of Swords YouTube Video

Ace of Swords : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Ace of Swords of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

ace of swords

(ii) Thoth Ace of Swords


With the Ace of Swords the sword of the magician bursts through the clouds at the bottom & points into the crown. This is also the sword in the adjustment card of the major arcana. The sun rises above the horizon and bursts through the  clouds.

ace of swords


(iii) Rider Waite Ace of Swords

ace of swords



(iv) Ace of Swords & The Tree of Life  

The Ace of Swords is associated with Kether in Yetzirah.

ace of swords



(v) Philosophy of the Ace of Swords

Air is formed from a combination of fire and water (remember the tetragrammaton) and therefore does  not have the purity of the wands.

Eastern mystics have said that the mind is the enemy of higher states of consciousness and so CONFLICT is its intrinsic nature which reflects itself in the sorrow, strife and confusion that this suit often represents. It can therefore be used to cause harm to others as we see so often in the world when people are lacking higher awareness

However, the mind can be turned into something useful and cut through layers of ‘worldly dross’ to give us renewed clarity when we are in HIGHER MIND.


(vi) Symbology of the Ace of Swords

Crown = white on the outside (Kether), yellow on the inside (Tiphareth) = harmonious relationship between the two. They also stand for spirit running through the adept or enlightened one. The crown also stands for higher awareness and so implies clarity and inspiration. A mind that has gained new insight and inspiration.

Blade of Sword = made of steel (Mars)

Hilt of Sword = made of copper (Venus). It is in the sun of Tiphareth. Venus equates to love and LOVE must be the motive for our action and speech

Sword = clarity and focus of the sword has parted the clouds & brought us clarity = INSPIRATION.

Blade Inscription on Hilt =  THELEMA Greek for will.

In the Book of the Law we have:The word of the Law is THELEMA.

Green colour of sword = green is a mixture of yellow (sun, fire) and blue (water)

Serpent = coiled 6 times. 6 = sixth sephiroth (Tiphareth) ruled by the sun

Crescent Moons = balance out solar energies

Sun rising over water = fire and water (as mentioned above) = air  manifesting

Sun on Horizon = Tiphareth The lower sphere on the hilt of the sword is at the centre point of the rising sun.

22 rays of the crown = 22 major arcana. It also links to Chokmah or the wisdom of the Logos


 (vii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

“upon the blade, accordingly is inscribed the word of the  law.”


(viii) Divinatory Meanings for the Ace of Swords


Ace of Swords Upright

The Ace of SwoAce of Swords Thoth Tarot Tutorialrds represents a period of great insight and clarity. It signifies a ‘break-through’ or an ‘aha’ moment and achievement of goals becomes a lot easier.

You have a new perspective on life or a situation that was previously unclear so that you can now cut to the heart of the matter. This is also a good time to act, and if you set your mind to accomplishing your goals, you can achieve anything you desire.

The Ace of Swords highlights a new idea, inspiration, original thinking and creative vision. You are excited to pursue new opportunities that draw upon your creative and mental abilities.

The Ace of Swords also encourages us to champion a cause of social concerns and to find justice, after all the sword in this card is the same card as the adjustment card in the Major Arcana (or Justice in the Rider Waite Deck ).You could be standing up for your rights or the rights of others.

For example, you may have a new idea for which you are ready to fight, or you may be all fired up on an issue that you are particularly passionate about, such as human rights, the environment or your personal beliefs.

You have gained new insight and inspiration. You have come out of the clouds of confusion and doubt into clarity. There are now blue skies so we can think clearly in a refreshed way.

We must be aware that our insights gained (sword cutting through the clouds) by our will to progress and improve(Mars) are shared in a gentle and loving way (Venus) for the benefit of all concerned.


Ace of Swords Reversed

ace of swords

  1. We have lost clarity in a situation which has now become problematic for us.
  2. Using our desire for a cause and sticking up for ourselves in an overly aggressive way.
  3. Not having the clarity and will to stick up for ourselves or carry through our ideas.







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