(i) Ace of Cups YouTube Video

Ace of Cups : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Ace of Cups of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

ace of cups

(ii) Thoth Ace of Cups

ace of cups
The Ace of Cups is the feminine counterpart of the Ace of Wands, with the cup suspended between heaven and earth. A ray of white light comes down in a beam and its refractions and reflections are the different colours of creation. This light is seen in the Rider Waite deck as coming from a dove or the Holy Ghost.


(iii) Rider Waite Ace of Cups

ace of cups



(iv) Background Philosophy to the Ace of Cups

Crowley’s says the Aces are the SEEDS of the element and therefore represent POTENTIAL events or life direction.
The cups suit embody the experiences of relationships, pursuit of happiness, love, fulfilment, pleasure, but we cannot have these experiences without the opposites.
With relationships we are seeking to become whole by finding in others what gives us pleasure that we are lacking on our own.
The scalloped lines in the card are very similar to those in the PRINCESS OF CUPS (each Ace has an important relationship with the Princess of the suit).

ace of cups



(v) Ace of Cups & The Tree of Life

The Ace of Cups is associated with Kether in Briah.

ace of cups



(vi) Symbology of the Ace of Cups

Ray of Light = more phallic like than the dove, so more of a masculine element here with the implication of energy going out to impregnate the universe
Reflections/Refractions of light = colours which make up the ‘potential of all that can manifest’

Lotuses = note there are 2 in 1 (as Crowley states) not just the one lotus ! They fill the cup with the waters of life. This also brings us back to the equation 0=2 which was explained in the notes for the 2 of disks.
Blue Cup = (Blue = wisdom; cup = love) and the channel for Kether. The cup contains the energy from the 2 lotuses in one as duality or opposites in their potential unmanifested state. When expressed within the suit they make up the world of experiences the cups represent.

3 circles on the cup = 3 Aeons of the Book of the Law (Isis, Osiris & Horus).These circles appear in the Hierophant Card of the Major Arcana:

ace of cups


In the old aeon the cup referred to the Holy Grail (see image below). In the middle Aeon it referred to the Cup of Babylon, the womb of all life.

ace of cups
Twisted handles = represented by 2 snakes entwined. Snakes represent regeneration. So in this context they represent love which rejuvenates itself. It needs nothing but itself. This relates to spiritual love which can be meditated on .
Dark Background in corners = dark sea of Binah similar to three of disks :

ace of cups



(vii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

“it is derived from the Yoni (Vagina) & The Moon ” (as the Ace of Wands is from the Lingum and the Sun (p.195)

“At the base of the cup is the moon, for it is the virtue of this card to conceive” (p.195).. this is not present on the final draft of the card.


(viii) Divinatory Meanings of the Ace of Cups


ace of cups
The cup is being offered to us and it contains unconditional love so will we drink from it ? It is a great opportunity to start new relationships or friendships close to the heart and which will enrich our lives.
Can indicate the beginning of a new relationship (with cups around it), or a project(with disks around it) in which a lot of love will be invested in it. It can also indicate new birth (with the Princess of Disks or Empress).
Since the card represents unconditional love we can use this card to give unconditionally, and so it is very much a card of giving and forgiveness in order to have some inner peace.





ace of cups
Expressing too much of ourselves and leading us to become vulnerable to others so we need to curb our emotions.
Repressed bottled up emotions that have not been expressed for a long time.
Feeling numb after being hurt and therefore we are out of touch with ourselves emotionally and therefore spurning opportunities of new love in our life.





(ix) Affirmation for the Ace of Cups

1 My life is filled with unconditional spiritual love


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