Spiritual Hierarchy and Lightwave Meditation

(i) Welcome to Esoteric Meanings

Esoteric Meanings is a free resource with information on the teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Lightwave Meditation, Tarot, Religious Scripture and other Esoteric Topics.

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(II) Spiritual Hierarchy & Meditation



Enlightenment through Inner Light and Sound Meditation is now possible by direct contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Beings ,without the need for an external guru. 


To summarise, our Core Principles are shown below:

1. We have no Leader, all our Spiritual Teachers work autonomously.

2. We are committed to support all people who wish to discover Spiritual States of Consciousness through Light and Sound meditation.
3. The Energy for the Light and Sound meditation is given through a Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings.

4. There are no lifestyle requirements, just recommendations based on common sense.

5) There are no fees whatsoever, either for Mantras, Spiritual States, or to any person or organisation.

6. The Energy for the Light and Sound meditation and the discovery of Spiritual States of Consciousness, is available to all persons in all countries, regardless of gender, status, culture, race and creed.

7. People choosing to meditate with the Light and Sound Energy are able to progress at their own rate.


(iii) Esoterica

Other aspects of this website include Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Mystical Interpretation of the Scriptures.


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